Reconciliation Programs
Our context in Palestine and Israel provides a challenge to serve as agents of justice, reconciliation and peace. The sacred Scriptures of the three great religions with deep roots in this land provide resources for reconciliation as well as texts that have been appropriated to justify conflict and reinforce suspicion. St George’s College works with other local organisations to promote interfaith engagement, to seek religious resources for justice and peace, and to promote reconciliation.

The project “Building Dialogue and Community across Conflict” develops individual and institutional capacity for reconciliation and peacemaking.

Seven students from each of the 4 partners Msalato Theological seminary Tanzania, Virginia Theological Seminary, USA, Cuttington University Liberia and St. George’s College Jerusalem will spend 8 days at St George’s college during which they will share the conflicts from their own context.  Through purposeful guided practice, ordained and lay practitioners from Liberia and Tanzania will be engaged and trained first in their home countries and then at St. George’s College, Jerusalem providing participants with the opportunity to step out of their contexts and into another that is both sacred yet steeped in conflict. With additional resources contributed by partners, the project will also engage and train students and leaders from St. George’s College, Jerusalem and Virginia Theological Seminary. These four diverse groups, working cooperatively, will contribute to the development of resources and strategies for peacemaking that will in turn strengthen the capacity of these institutions to extend the project’s impact on leadership development for ministry further throughout their student bodies, communities, dioceses and the Anglican Communion.

Dates and Fees