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Staying in touch with our alumni and friends is vital for us.

During a program at St George’s College Jerusalem we form very special relationships with other pilgrims and with the College staff. We want to keep those connections between us as strong as possible, and this is now greatly assisted by information technologies and social media.

Once a month our MailChimp account will harvest the main College web site for any new posts that have been tagged for inclusion in the digital newsletter. These will be assembled into a simple RSS newsfeed and sent direct to your email address.

To reduce email clutter, we shall limit this to just once a month.

We are using MailChimp so that you know that your account information is secure, and the mailing list cannot be exploited by spammers.

All new registrations for future programs will automatically be added to our MailChimp list, but you can also add yourself to that list at any time using this link or the sign-up form at the bottom of any page on this site. There you will find the sign-up form asking for some very basic information:

  • Email Address
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  • Any previous SGC courses

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Volunteer Opportunities

The College benefits from the contributions made by volunteers with a range of skills and experience. Current and future volunteer opportunities include:

Porter Scholar

As a matter of good practice, anyone offering to come to Jerusalem to serve as a volunteer with the Diocese, including volunteer roles with the College, needs to be endorsed by the relevant national mission board. This ensures that the people are people of good character, in good standing with their local faith community, and well prepared for their service here. It can also mean that the volunteer benefits from orientation programs offered by the mission agency prior to their service, has access to appropriate support services during their time here, and has assistance with the debriefing process after their return home.

The requirements and selection criteria for these roles vary, but expressions of interest from people wishing to serve as a volunteer at the College are most welcome. Please direct your enquiry to the Associate Dean of the College in the first instance.