D20 Introduction to the Bible Lands: March 8 – March 16, 2020 (Cancelled)


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This study pilgrimage will visit many of the sites included on the “Footsteps of Jesus” course with the addition of some key places in the history of ancient Israel.  The course will cover the land more deliberately, from Caesarea Philippi in the north to the Dead Sea in the south, and from the Mediterranean coastline at Caesarea Maritima to the west to the Jordan River eastwards.  Particular attention will be given in classroom and on-site teaching to the contours of the land, the impact of geography on the biblical narratives, and the social geography of biblical and other historical peoples.

Introduction to Bible Lands will provide an excellent overview for pilgrims visiting these ancient places for the first time, and for returning pilgrims it may provide a different, more geographical emphasis allowing new insights into the biblical texts.

As in all St. George’s College courses, discussion of the ancient world will be complemented by commentary on current geopolitical issues and learning about the people who dwell in Israel and the West Bank today.  Trajectories from the ancient world into the present will be drawn with an emphasis in this course on ancient and modern boundaries.

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