J23 Women of the Bible: June 4 – June 14, 2023


The Women of the Bible course is a ten day study pilgrimage which offers a reflective spiritual experience visiting the holy sites relating to both the Old and New Testaments highlighting especially the stories of women.

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St George’s College is delighted to announce that, Dr. Paula Gooder, freelance writer and lecturer in biblical studies, will be guest lecturer on the Women in the Bible study pilgrimage in June 2023. Visiting the holy and historical sites of Jesus’s ministry, this pilgrimage will focus on the roles and ministries of various women either central or marginal to the gospel narrative as well as in the Old Testament. On site mini lectures and reflections will use women of the Bible to make connections with the lived experience of women and men in our contemporary contexts.

The Revd. Dr. Rodney Aist, College Course Director will also teach on this pilgrimage giving the usual historical and archeological background to sites which St George’s College is known for.

This study pilgrimage is open to everyone, individuals as well as parish and diocesan groups. We expect demand to be high so please book early via the College website: www.saintgeorgescollegejerusalem.com

The cost of this ten day course is US$ 2600 (excluding flights)

Dr Paula Gooder is a speaker and writer on the Bible, particularly the New Testament. After eight years as a freelance speaker and writer, Paula joined the Bible Society as Theologian in Residence followed by a period with the Birmingham Diocese as their Director of Mission Learning and Development. Paula is currently the Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral, London, where she has oversight of their education programme. Paula is the author of many books including Parables (2020), Women of Holy Week (2022), Phoebe: A Story (2018) and Lydia: A Story (2022).

For more information contact registrar@sgcjerusalem.org


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Particular course itineraries vary, but typically many of the following places would feature in the schedule.

  • Ein Kerem, the village where Elizabeth lived and where she met Mary when they were both pregnant
  • The place of Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem
  • Jesus’ childhood home and the site of the Annunciation in Nazareth
  • The site of Christ’s baptism (where there is an opportunity to renew baptismal vows)
  • The Judean desert where Jesus was tempted after his baptism
  • The Sea of Galilee, including Jesus “own town” (Matt. 9.1), Capernaum
  • The Garden of Gethsemane (Mark 14.32–49)
  • The remains of the Jerusalem Temple complex from Jesus’ day (i.e. the Western Wall and special excavations south and west of the Temple’s retaining wall
  • The Way of the Cross, the site of the crucifixion and Jesus’ tomb.
  • Emmaus, where Christ appeared after his resurrection (Luke 24.13-31)
  •  Visit St Anne’s Church, Pool of Bethesda (John 5:1-18)
  • Worship with the local Anglican community