M20 Lambeth Bishops’ Course: August 4 – 11, 2020 (Cancelled)




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This special pilgrimage, offered in 2020 only, is open to Bishops, their spouses, and members of their immediate traveling parties who attended the recently concluded Lambeth Conference in the UK.

This course is designed to be a slightly shorter version of the Footsteps of Jesus course elsewhere described, focusing on the work and the ministry of bishops and their expression in the earliest traditions of the Holy Land. Bishops will visit and pray in the major sites associated with the life of Jesus and his earliest disciples and evangelists and will hear onsite presentations about their history, archaeology and place in biblical narratives.  In addition, bishops and their companions will meet their fellow bishops in the historic Christian communities of Jerusalem as they may be available during the course timetable.  Finally, course members will learn in greater depth about the thriving Ministries of the Anglican Diocese of Jerusalem and the Province of the Middle East.

While this study pilgrimage emphasizes the Christian traditions, it will also include aspects of Judaism and Islam and the contemporary political realities of peoples of the three Abrahamic faiths in Israel and Palestine.