The study pilgrimage, Acts in Eastertide, engages the Scriptures, places, and
pilgrimage traditions associated with the books of Acts which are set in present-day
Israel-Palestine (e.g., Acts 1–12, 15, 21–26). The course will embody the post-
Resurrection movements and narratives of the early Church, beginning with the
Ascension of Jesus and the descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost in Jerusalem,
moving through Judea and Samaria, and sending participants home to the ends of the
world. Topics of interest will include the Jerusalem Temple, Old Testament figures
mentioned in Acts, the Judas traditions, and the stoning of Stephen, as well as the
figures of James the Great, James the brother of Jesus, Philip the Deacon, the
Ethiopian Eunuch, Dorcas (Tabitha), Cornelius, Peter, and Paul. Day trips are planned
to Hebron (Judea), Nablus (Samaria), Beit Jamal Monastery (St Stephen), Jaffa, and
Caesarea Maritima. In the spirit of Pentecost, the course will include voices and site
visits representing various cultures and traditions of the Christian Church. All nights will
be spent at St George’s College in Jerusalem.

Day 1: Thursday, April 24

Opening Evening (Eucharist, reception, and dinner)

Day 2: Friday, April 25

The place of the Ascension, an overview of the Temple Mount (al-Aqsa mosque), Aceldama and the Judas traditions, the Upper Room and the place of Pentecost. Visit to St Mark’s Syrian Orthodox Church.

Day 3: Saturday, April 26

The traditions of St Stephen’s martyrdom, including a visit to Beit Jamal Monastery (Bet Shemesh) and St Stephen’s Basilica (Jerusalem).

Day 4: Sunday, April 27

Morning worship in Jerusalem. Visit to the Armenian Quarter (St James Cathedral and Armenian Vespers). Discussions of James the Great and Jerusalem-based stories from Acts.

Day 5: Monday, April 28

Visit to Nablus (Samaria), including St Philip’s Episcopal church, dedicated to Philip the Deacon.

Day 6: Tuesday, April 29

Visit to the tomb of Abraham in Hebron (Judea). The references to Old Testament figures in Acts and the story of the Ethiopian Eunuch. The Ethiopian Church in Jerusalem.

Day 7: Wednesday, April 30

Trip to Lydda, Jaffa, and Caesarea Maritima

Day 8: Thursday, May 1

Final day in Jerusalem, including a visit to the Al-Aqsa Mosque (Temple Mount). Discussions of Acts and the Temple. Free afternoon. Closing Eucharist.