Our study pilgrimages vary between 8 and 14 days, offering distinctive and transformative features that make them ideal for personal, parish and diocesan programs. This section includes descriptions and links to dates and fees for each Pilgrimage.

What are the fitness requirements for our pilgrimages?

  1. We suggest that pilgrims should be able to walk two to three miles at a decent pace. Stairways are often encountered, some of them steep. Someone unused to walking like this may find out pilgrimages too strenuous.
  2. Most courses require walking over rough terrain, a large number of irregular steps, steep hills, and uneven pavements. A walking pole can be helpful if you need extra support.
  3. Supportive walking shoes are suggested for all of our programs.
  4. Courses may have extended bus journeys and some courses have off-road travel by jeep.
  5. This is a dry region; water is available for purchase in the College office and on the bus.
  6. The College does not have age limits, however participants over the age of 70 are required to submit a doctor’s certificate of fitness to the College to affirm that you are fit for the fitness expectations listed above.

What do course fees include?

Course Fees include the following:

  • Room and board (three meals per day) from dinner on the night before course begins through until breakfast the day after the course ends.
  • All transportation for field trips and admission fees to sites and museums.
    Other costs directly related to course activities

Course Fees do not include the following:

  • Travel expenses to and from the College
  • Gratuities: there is an extra US$160 charge to cover all gratuities for College staff and bus driver.  The College will distribute gratuities fairly to all staff.
  • Any drinks ordered at meals or at other times.
  • Extra-curricular tours or events
  • Telephone use
  • Laundry service
  • Extra nights before the course begins or after the course ends (available on limited basis, contact the College for more information)
  • Shampoo and creams are not provided. Liquid soap is provided at each sink in the guest rooms. You can bring your own toiletries or purchase them at our neighborhood pharmacy located near the College.

How much do I need to pay for a single room supplement?

If there are rooms available for you to have a single suite, the extra cost is $ 30.00 per night, added to the base fee. The extra single room fee can be paid when you arrive at the College. Please email the registrar to check for availability.

What are the best arrangements for transportation from the airport to the College?

Transportation from Ben Gurion Airport/Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

As you exit the front of the terminal (outside), walk straight ahead to find the transportation area.

You have three choices, each of which requires you to have cash in either shekels or US dollars.

Tell the driver to take you to St George’s College, Jerusalem (33 Salah El Deen Street).  The College phone, as dialed from within Israel, is 02-626-4704. Click here to see where the College is.

The College is opposite the Jerusalem District Court.

An airport shuttle van (called also a shared or service taxi), is called a sherut (she-ROOT). The sherut stand is located just outside the terminal building and is clearly marked in English: ‘Service Taxi to Jerusalem’.  There is only one sherut company authorized to operate to/from the airport, Nesher (NEH-shair).  If in doubt, inquire if the vehicle is Nesher. Once the sherut is filled with passengers, it will drive to Jerusalem, dropping passengers along the way and eventually dropping you off at the College.  You pay when exiting the sherut.  The price per person is 70 shekels or US$22.  Credit cards are not accepted, and you are not expected to tip the driver.

Private taxis are in the same area as the sherut taxis. You should negotiate the price before getting in the taxi and be sure the price includes your luggage.  If you are a group of several people travelling together, the price per person may be lower than sherut. Taxi prices vary; expect a bill of at least 300 shekels or US$100, often more.

The rideshare service UBER does not operate with private cars in Israel, but rather connects you with a taxi.  At the airport it is best to take a taxi by approaching the taxi stand and not if someone approaches you offering a taxi.  They may not be reliable.

The train is now another option to bring you from the airport to Jerusalem.  You travel to the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem. From there, take a taxi to the College. For more information, click on the link https://www.rail.co.il/en

LYFT does not operate in Israel.

Will I feel safe during my stay at the College?

The College grounds are inside the walled enclosure of the Cathedral grounds, often referred to as the Close, and, the premises are managed 24 hours a day by security personnel who control the front gate and the Cathedral gate and monitor who enters the locked College building.

What day should I arrive at St. George’s College and what day should I leave?

Participants are expected to be at the College by 18:00 (6:00pm) on the first date of the course. Departure is on the day after the course ends, and breakfast is included on that morning of departure.

Why does the College website quote prices in US currency?

Using the American dollar as a reference point for pricing is standard market convention worldwide and enables students using any currency to determine current market exchange rates. We welcome students from all over the world, and any questions about using your local currency can be directed to our College Operations and Financial Manager, Ms. Rana Khoury. rana@sgcjerusalem.org

Is there time for extra-curricular activities?

All courses are full-time. We try to include an afternoon or morning for free time as part of the pilgrimage course program.

Do I need extra luggage for the nights spent away from the College?

Each program typically spends a few nights in the Galilee. We suggest that you bring a small gym bag/holdall for your belongings on this overnight. Your regular suitcase and other personal items can be kept safe in your room while you are travelling elsewhere.

Are Children allowed to attend St. George’s College Courses?

Age limit for children to attend a course at St. George’s College is 16 and above. College courses are strenuous and tough, therefore, it is not advisable for children below 16 to attend a course.

Can I bring a spouse, partner or friend?

Yes, we hope you will do so however, we discourage companions coming with you if they are not participating in the pilgrimage. There may be special circumstances when someone accompanies a pilgrim but we expect everyone staying in the College to pay the full fee and fully participate in the pilgrimage. 

Please email the registrar if you have any other questions. Registrar@sgcjerusalem.org