About Us
St. George’s College, Jerusalem, is an Anglican community of education, hospitality, pilgrimage, and reconciliation. Through study, site visits, engagement with the local Christian community, prayer and reflection, lives are transformed and faith renewed.

Since the mid-19th Century the Anglican/Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem has played its part alongside many other Christian Churches in the region. The Diocese of Jerusalem itself represents around 5000 Anglican Christians spread throughout the region comprising Israel & Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. The total number of Christians, of all denominations, makes up less than 1.5% of the population of Israel/Palestine.

The ministry and mission of the Diocese of Jerusalem has three core aspects: The first is for the Diocese to be a church that is at heart pastoral both caring and loving the individuals and the communities in which it is present.

The second is strategic in that the Diocese seeks to be Christian witness through its institutions. These institutions, which are mainly educational and medical, serve local needs irrespective of people’s ethnic or religious background, reflecting the servant King, Jesus.

The third is as a bridge builder for peace and reconciliation. Through its ecumenical and inter-faith work the Diocese seeks to promote friendship, understanding and mutual respect.

Please pray for the Diocese and its work, for Archbishop Hosam, all the clergy and people of the Diocese of Jerusalem’s churches and the institutions. Please pray for peace with justice in the Holy Lands.