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St George’s is situated just ten minutes walk from Damascus Gate in the heart of the holy city of Jerusalem. It is a wonderful and well-appointed location for short-term pilgrimages, study, interfaith conversations and reconciliation programmes. Our courses weave together time at sacred sites all over the Holy Land, with daily worship in the College and in local churches and incorporates reflective conversations during the fellowship of community meals. People from all over the world join our programmes as they seek to encounter Christ on their study pilgrimage. I am pleased to invite you to experience this for yourself and if you have been before to sign up to a follow-up course.

You are welcome to join our community of learning. Your faith will be deepened and your life enriched by the experiences you will enjoy in and through St George's College.

The Very Revd Richard Sewell, Dean of St. George’s College

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Our pilgrimage programs vary between 8 and 14 days, and we provide a unique combination of features that makes our pilgrimage programs distinctive and transformative. These programs are ideal for parish and diocesan pilgrimage programs.
In this short course you will experience selected highlights from the so-called ‘Fifth Gospel’—the land of the Bible.
This program combines biblical and historical studies with pilgrimage to selected sites connected with the Gospel.
Encounter the women of the Bible on the sacred landscapes of the Holy Land.
This program follows the journey that Jesus’ first disciples made through the Holy Land.
For individuals and groups wanting to go beyond a pilgrimage program, St George’s College offers a range of more challenging study programs as well as facilities for research. Many of these programs can gain academic credit at colleges, seminaries, and universities, or points for continuing education and professional development requirements. We welcome scholars who wish to use our library or work with the archaeological materials from Tel Dothan in the Benshoof Cistern Museum.
The Ways in the Wilderness program explores biblical, monastic, and personal themes of wilderness as we visit sites in Israel, Palestine, and Jordan.
Participation in the Jordan study tour includes an overnight at St George’s College on the day that the program returns to Jerusalem and breakfast on the following morning.
Engage with the Holy Land through a focus on media such as architecture, icons, inscriptions, mosaics, olive wood, sculpture, and stained glass windows.
The museum is located in an ancient water cistern, believed to date from the late Roman or early Byzantine period.
Justice, Peace and Reconciliation
Our context in Palestine and Israel provides a challenge to serve as agents of justice, reconciliation and peace. The sacred Scriptures of the three great religions with deep roots in this land provide resources for reconciliation as well as texts that have been appropriated to justify conflict and reinforce suspicion. St George’s College works with other local organisations to promote interfaith engagement, to seek religious resources for justice and peace, and to promote reconciliation.
The Jerusalem Ministry Formation program is a special course tailored for the needs of people preparing for ministry, whether as clergy or lay leaders. The program will include sessions on Anglican identity and mission, as well as postcolonial hermeneutics, as we assist people to prepare for their ministry in new and challenging contexts during the next few decades.
A short program for Jews and Christians to encounter the Holy Land together, and reflect on the significance of this experience for their own faith and practice.
The Living Stones course provides an in depth overview of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem set within the larger context of indigenous Christianity in the Holy Land. The course visits the local parishes, educational institutions and medical centers of the Episcopal Diocese located in Israel and Palestine.
In this course, a community of observant Jews, practicing Muslims and Christians from around the world will live together a an interfaith community at St. George’s College. Over eights days we will encounter the Holy Land together, explore sites sacred to each tradition, welcome the inquiry of each other, and by mutual interest learn of the One God revealed uniquely in each of the Abrahamic faiths.
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