For individuals and groups wanting to go beyond a pilgrimage program, St George’s College offers a range of more challenging study programs as well as facilities for research.

There are opportunities for people to spend some or all of their sabbatical time at St George’s College.

Sabbatical opportunities are available for people who are engaged in research and writing projects that are relevant to the mission of the College and which will benefit from our location in Jerusalem. During their time of residence Sabbatical Scholars contribute to the work of the College by offering teaching or chaplaincy services to the College. The extent and nature of these contributions vary from person to person, and in each case is negotiated in advance with the Dean. The fee for sabbaticals at the College is to be agreed.

Please contact the Dean: The Very Revd. Canon Richard Sewell for further information

Sabbatical Study/Independent research at St George’s College 

A Commendation:

As independent scholars needing a sabbatical research base in Jerusalem we found St George’s College an excellent place to work and live. The rooms and common spaces are spotless and comfortable. It has a simple and quiet library with its focus on theology and biblical studies in its beautiful grounds which are perfectly situated on the Nablus Road near Damascus Gate within an idyllic Cathedral Close. The College, which welcomes a range of academics and non-academics, is part of a wider community of pilgrims and NGO staff who stay at the attractive Guesthouse which is also part of the spacious grounds. 

Together these components create an amiable mix of people with whom one can share coffee or drinks in a tranquil garden at the end of a productive day and find new tips on people to meet or places to explore.  For those new to Jerusalem the Dean and staff are not only hospitable but very helpful.