E24 Easter In Jerusalem: March 19 – April 2, 2024


Spend Holy Week and Easter (Western tradition) with us in 2024. The pilgrimage will be tailored to follow the events of the season and will enable the group to participate in church services to mark the days. The pilgrimage will reflect on Orthodox traditions for Easter too. There will be a three-day (two night) excursion to Galilee as well.

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This course encompasses the dates of Holy Week and Easter in the Western (not Eastern Orthodox) traditions.  Course members will be afforded the remarkable opportunity to experience worship in Jerusalem of several Western communities, including Anglicans, Roman Catholics, and Lutherans.  Sites in Jerusalem associated with the last week of Jesus’ earthly life will be studied and visited in depth.  Course members will join in the great Palm Sunday procession down the Mount of Olives with thousands of other pilgrims and will walk the Way of the Cross on Good Friday, along with electing other devotional opportunities.  Throughout the course attention will be given to comparing Western and Eastern traditions around Lent, Holy Week, and Easter.

In addition to the Jerusalem focus, course members will visit pilgrim sites across Israel and the West Bank, many of which are included in the College’s regular courses called Footsteps of Jesus.  This course will include a three-day, two-night stay in Galilee to explore sites there associated with the ministry of Jesus.

This course is aimed towards those who may have a particular interest in liturgy and ecumenical studies, but it will also be geared to first-time visitors in the Holy Land who wish to experience a study pilgrimage with  different parameters from St. George’s College’s regular pilgrimages that traverse the land more extensively.