Reconciliation Programs
Our context in Palestine and Israel provides a challenge to serve as agents of justice, reconciliation and peace. The sacred Scriptures of the three great religions with deep roots in this land provide resources for reconciliation as well as texts that have been appropriated to justify conflict and reinforce suspicion. St George’s College works with other local organisations to promote interfaith engagement, to seek religious resources for justice and peace, and to promote reconciliation.

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In this course, Jews, Christians and Muslims from the UK and Canada will live and journey together as an interfaith community at St. George’s College, Jerusalem. Over eight days we will encounter the Holy Land in its historical, geographical, religious and political complexity, explore sites sacred to each tradition, welcome the inquiry of each other, and explore how the Holy One is revealed uniquely in each of the Abrahamic faiths. Aided by local religious leaders and skilled guides, participants will gain new insights into sister traditions, experience the intensity and hospitality of the land, reflect on their own faith and practice and form friendships that will support greater interfaith understanding in their home communities.

Learning Objectives:

  • Integrate contextual biblical study with theological and spiritual reflection
  • Reflect on the complexity of issues past, present and future in Israel and Palestine
  • Engage with Jewish, Muslim and Christian perspectives, their similarities and their difference
  • Return home with a broadened understanding of the land and its peoples

Dates and Fees