Janet Bucquet McCully, former Board member of both the North American Regional Committee (NARC, now the North American Committee) and the American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem (AFEDJ), died from complications of kidney disease in Seattle on July 1, 2018.  Janet attended the ten week course (The Bible and the Holy Land: Past and Present) at St. George’s College in Jerusalem in 1989 at the time when the College building was under renovation.  She was deeply moved by the experience and became instrumental in fundraising for the renovation and the addition of a third floor on the College building.

Dean of the College in 1989, Canon John L. Peterson, said, “Janet’s time at St. George’s College impacted her life until she took her last breath.  Next to her bed when she died was the 33 taper Resurrection candle that had been initially lit at the Empty Tomb in the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem.”  Janet loved Jerusalem, its people, the Episcopal Diocese there and its humanitarian work. Janet worked tirelessly to connect us with our Christian brothers and sisters in our Holy Land.

A memorial service will be held at St. Mark’s Cathedral, Seattle, on Sunday, October 28, 2018 at 2:00 in the afternoon.  Janet’s family has requested in lieu of flowers, “please consider a contribution to the American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem”.  

The Friends address is:


25 Old King’s Highway North

Suite 13

Darien, CT  06820