Greetings from the land of the Holy One, as we celebrate the birth of the Christ Child this Christmas.

Wherever you are at this time, we wish you God’s deepest blessings for this festival and for the year ahead.

Eid milad saeid

The deep mystery of Christmas is captured in the ancient Hebrew word, Emmanuel (God with us).

God is with us in Jesus, the Christ.
God is with us in the community of the Church.
God is with us, with every breath that we take, as the source of our life.

God is indeed with us, and we are Christ-bearers, God-bearers, to those whose paths we cross each day. In particular, we express the presence of God among those with whom our lives are most closely bound.

May we all know the deep joy of the Saviour’s birth this Christmas, and live the sacred mystery of Emmanuel every day in the year that lies ahead.

Gregory C. Jenks