Our study pilgrimages vary between 8 and 14 days, offering distinctive and transformative features that make them ideal for personal, parish and diocesan programs. This section includes descriptions and links to dates and fees for each Pilgrimage.

The Jerusalem Ministry Formation program is a special course designed for people in training for ministry, whether as clergy or lay leaders. 

It is both a pilgrimage delving deeply into the places where Christian and Jewish faith is rooted and also an experience in formation of Anglican identity. It also engages in encounter with all three Abrahamic faiths, reflecting on the challenges of mission and ministry in the context from which participants come.

Anglican and Ecumenical theological colleges and training centers from around the world participate in this course as a way of enriching training for ministry and deepening faith by engaging those in training with an experience of pilgrimage. Contextual Bible study as a way of engaging with sites of Christian pilgrimage makes this a profound theological and spiritual experience.

Worship, reflection and prayer, both corporate and individual, are an essential part of this program.

This course will encompass the general outline of the Palestine of Jesus course, visiting specially chosen sites as well that contribute to deeper biblical learning and enrichment of the preacher’s work.

Due to the nature of this course, please contact the College Registrar before enrolling in this course.

Dates and Fees