The Living Stones course provides an in depth overview of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem set within the larger context of indigenous Christianity in the Holy Land. The course visits the local parishes, educational institutions and medical centers of the Episcopal Diocese located in Israel and Palestine.
The Living Stones course emphasizes opportunities for engagement with local Christians through worship, hospitality, group discussions and individual conversations. Course participants will experience the blessings of local Christians, while learning of the acute challenges facing today’s Holy Land Christian. Opportunities for partnership will be presented.

Our ministries serve to sustain and strengthen our Christian presence as we teach respect and concern for all people, bringing hope to many, regardless of faith, where the light of hope is often dim. With a dwindling church membership due to emigration caused by local strife and economic hardship, the ministry here has more than
the usual challenges. The maintenance of the historic Arab Christian presence, the “Living Stones, “ is vital therefore to the future stability of the region as we put our faith into action, ‘ loving our neighbors as ourselves.”

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