People often ask us what distinguishes our pilgrimages from other widely known programs here in the Holy Land;  one of the distinguishing aspects of St. George’s College is the attention we give to providing safety.  Our college is within the gated community of St. George’s Cathedral Close.  The entire close has 24 hour security at both the college and guest house entrance.  We also give careful attention to travel outside the college by daily input from our liaison and logistics officer, Bishara Khoury, who monitors not only daily activities in and around Jerusalem but working along side the administrative team, can readily alter our travel plans at short notice to accommodate the best way to ensure safe travels.  This attention to the well being of our pilgrims defines us as a community that cares for each other whilst living in this Holy Land.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  

photo of Andrew on pilgrimage wading in the Mediterranean Sea (photo courtesy of Andrew R.)