We are excited about the Dean of Southwark Cathedral in London, The Very Reverend Andrew Nunn,  joining us to lead the Palestine of Jesus Course, October 16-29, 2018.  Imagine the transformational experience of being pilgrims who learn the Secret Places in Jerusalem where the narrative of Jesus took place:

We will travel to the Monastery of the Cross where the tree that formed the cross grew. Then we will walk  the way the cross would have been taken to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, visit Calvary and then the Chapel of St Helena  where the cross was rediscovered.

After lunch we will visit the excavations beneath the Holy Redeemer Church (for those who wish to we climb the tower of the church) and then visit the excavations at the St Alexander Nevsky Convent. We finish the  day with tea at the Austrian Hospice. This is just one snippet of the pilgrimage that will accent the itinerary  of our foundational course, Palestine of Jesus.

Register on our website or  email the Associate Dean, The Rev. Dr. Susan Lukens, for conversation about this extraordinary  opportunity to be a pilgrim with Andrew Nunn.  associatedean@sgcjerusalem.org